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Virtual Estimate

To receive an estimate via email, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Virtual Estimate


Established at the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak, our virtual estimates allow you to receive an estimate without ever leaving your home. 


  1. Take the following photos:

    1. Front Left Corner

    2. Front Right Corner

    3. Rear Left Corner

    4. Rear Right Corner

    5. Photos of all the damages (from multiple angles and distances)

    6. Photo of the VIN plate (Located inside on driver’s door or on the pillar for the driver’s door)

    7. Photo of your Odometer Reading

  2. Attach the photos and submit the form.

  3. You will receive an “insurance ready” package from one of our certified blueprints within 24 business hours. This package will be designed in a way that you can just forward the message to your insurance company. If you would like us to email the insurance company directly, please provide their information in the form.


*Note: the estimate provided in this manner is just that, an estimate. It is not binding and can change when we take the damaged parts off of the vehicle and do a complete repair plan.


car rental assistance

 When we schedule your drop-off appointment we will also schedule Enterprise to come and pick you up from our facility. Also, once your vehicle repairs are completed you just drop off the rental vehicle here and the rental company will come to pick it up. This is a convenient option to reduce the stress of going to multiple locations to have your vehicle fixed.

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