At Collision Center Northwest, we offer many choices of expert paint services customized to your specific needs and budget concerns. Our paint packages emphasize durability, longevity of the paint & appearance – including gloss, color match & metallic appearance. We specialize in precise color matching & have many colors for you to choose from, whether you’re just looking for a fresh coat of the existing color or if you’re looking for a brand new color.

Our auto painting services start with a vehicle inspection from our estimators to determine if body repairs are needed to eliminate small dents, scratches & blemishes. Surface preparation is a key step to repair chips, scratches & peeling clearcoat to ensure that your vehicle receives the smoothest finish & highest possible gloss.

Next, surface sealer plays that all-important role of establishing a barrier between old & new paint to ensure consistent color & a higher gloss throughout the entire painted surface of your car.

Every Collision Center Northwest paint job is customized & tailored to your vehicle & your preferences.


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